Re: Character-escape (MSSCHAR) in HTML?

There are some of optional features in SGML that are not widely implemented,
or that may cause problems if implemented.

I'm nervous about MSSCHAR for a number of reasons.  The behaviour of
an entity ending in MSSCHAR seems to me to be undefined, for example.

At the IETF meetings in Toront, the phrase `ISO syndrome' was bandied
about for standards ratified before they are implemented; if it was done
again, SGML would be different.

I'm afraid I'd say don't use MSSCHAR.

You can do most of what you want with SDATA entities anyway, e.g. instead
of \<P> you can write &lt;P>.  Although this looks uglier at first sight,
editors (e.g. our HoTMetaL!) can display this as <P>.

Also, I have often seen <\P> from PC users.  This is currently an error;
your proposal would make it legal -- the < is not followed by a NAMECHAR,
so it would be a literal < followd by an escaped P followed by a >.


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