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Dylan Northrup <>:

> 	The Netscape extensions are not set in stone (they've only 
> 	released a beta).  They might change if there was a intelligent, 
> 	reasonable suggestion for the change.  I'm quite sure if the 
> 	HTML3 group would make some decisions and submit a final draft 
> 	the guys at netscape would be more than happy to look at it.  

I don't really think so since I've read the Marc Andreesen interview
in October issue of Wired:

Andreesen says that a unified standard is not of first importance to
the company:
	"Our major concern is our product. On top of that, we would
	like to be in an open environment, where other browsers could read our
	documents. It makes companies and consumers more willing to buy
	it. But it can't be our primary concern."
	"We are not going to let it slow us down."

They wrote HTML extensions for the browser they want to sell as much
as possible. 

We (or, at least, I) want a documents describing language that can be
used as well on any browser on any OS on any architecture, helping
users to organize and find informations all the way down the Web. And
I'm pretty sure that's the thing that cares to the W3O, much more than
the 'I want a larger font here' issues.

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