I am developing a set of transparent .gif files and a stream editor
script that will allow me to write HTML documents with equations and
symbols formatted in the style of HTML+ (plus some home-brewed
commands) and then to pre-process my HTML+ documents to convert the
math parts into .tex symbols and equations which are displayed as
inlined images in a standard HTML document.

   Is there any simple way to convert a .tex file into a .gif (89)
file other than

	.tex->.dvi->.ps->previewer->.gif->.gif (89)


	.tex->.dvi->previewer->grab to .gif->.gif (89)

?  In the best of all possible worlds there would be a command or
shell script that had the syntax

	tex2gif89 file.tex -o image.gif

  Thanks in advance for any help or leads.  Of course war stories or
pointers to existing technology are always appreciated.

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Received on Tuesday, 11 October 1994 01:02:02 UTC