On Nov 30, 18:51, Michael Johnson wrote:

> Some of these (IMAGE, L, LIT) can be considered redundant, and some may be
> of dubious utility (such as RENDER, QUOTE) but others I think are quite
> and do not add unacceptably to the complexity of HTML. The ones that I most
> want to see resurrected in HTML3 are:

Why are render and quote of dubious utility?  There are many high-level
constructs we needed (for an on-line dictionary/thesaurus) that exceed
plain-vanilla HTML.  By using RENDER, we can invent tags that are
appropriate to our data and render it appropriately, without losing any
semantic information, which wouldn't be the case if we simply put in
"raw" formatting commands like the very dubious (IMHO) <B> and <I>

But even this solution is not optimal.  Someone else doing another
on-line dictionary might not tag his the same as our, which means that
on can't search (as opposed to simply browsing) the data in the same
way, with the same tools.

Quote is also important, for composing bibliographical data, for
correctly attributing citations, etc.


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