Font matching by WWW clients

Alex Hopmann writes:

>The font number is used to provide some BASIC SIMPLE mappings between some 
>common fonts (Pick your favorite 20 the get included with the Mac, Windows, 
>and some common UNIX's). If I use "Geneva" on my Mac it gets assigned font # 
>6. If I read it on my PC the PC doesn't know "Geneva" so it looks up font #6 
>and gets "Arial". I am this first to admit that this is not a great 
>solution. I have read about some technologies to develop Font Metrics and 
>use things like Multiple Master technology for these things, but for a first 
>simple solution this would work.

There is a system for font matching called Panose (the idea is somewhat
like Pantone's color matching system). It was created, if I remember
correctly, by Elseware, Inc. in Seattle. The basic idea is that a font
vendor can use the Panose system to associate a multi-digit number to a
font that captures its style (e.g. serif/non-serif, bold, slanted,
x-height, etc.). Some font vendors are already putting Panose numbers in
their fonts.

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Received on Tuesday, 1 November 1994 18:30:32 UTC