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About wanting control over the look of a page

From: Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit <lilley@v5.cgu.mcc.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 11:43:44 GMT
Message-Id: <94053111434455@cguv5.cgu.mcc.ac.uk>
To: mariusw@ifi.uio.no, www-html@www0.cern.ch
As if to support my contention [on the www-html@www0.cern.ch list] that users 
want control over the look of HTML documents - and should be afforded the means 
- this popped into my mailbox. It's from a list for computer artists, 

I hope that the author does not mind this being cross posted, but it really 
drives home the point. In particular, that commercial sites want a corporate 
look, an image, and are prepared to pay real money to get it.

As soon as images were allowed inline in HTML documents, the web became a new  
graphical design medium. Some people will just want to put out text, but some 
will want to apply graphical design skills and make a document. These people 
are, at least,  a sizeable miniority and there should be a means for them to 
achieve their ends. If style sheets or similar information are not added to 
html, the inevitable price will be documents that only look good on a particular 
browser, at a particular window size, with the default fonts, etc.

Marius said:

>Yeah, WWW is definitely a technology that graphic artists
>should grab with all hands, especially if they're HTML-
>literate. Whether you want to just parse HTML or not
>is up to you, but designing the layout with images, icons
>and so on is an excellent opportunity to make some
>badly needed money.

>Together with the design firm I work with, I just landed
>a contract with Norwegian Telecom Research that will
>pay us NOK 96000 (about $13000, I guess) for designing 
>the look of their commercial WWW services. 

>WWW-design is the first true example of graphic design on
>the net, and should be appreciated as such.


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