Comment on "CURIE Syntax 1.0" Working Draft 6 May 2008

I have previously submitted comments on behalf of the Forms WG.  
Below are three personal comments about appendix A.
I apologize for the late date.

These comments all apply to section titled "XML DTD
and Schema DataTypes."

1. I see no DTD here.
Either the DTD should be supplied or the section title changed.

2. The first paragraph of the section says "This section is normative."

The section then includes some text definitions, followed by an
"informative XML Schema definition" within the normative section.  

While this certainly is allowed, it doesn't make much sense

Perhaps appendix A could follow the pattern of appendix B and include a
normative A.1, followed by an informative A.2 containing the XML Schema
and an informative A.3 containing the DTD, if it is to be supplied.

3. An informative definition of patterns in RelaxNG Compact Syntax might
enhance readability.
Additionally, I understand that RelaxNG modularization is being
considered for XHTML. 
Something like this might be appropriate to include as "A.3 Relax NG

  datatypes xsd = ""

  CURIE = xsd:string { pattern="[\i-[:]][\c-[:]]*:.+" } }
  CURIEs = list { CURIE }
  SafeCURIE = xsd:string { pattern="\[[\i-[:]][\c-[:]]*:.+\]" }
  SafeCURIEs = list { SafeCURIEs }
  URIorSafeCURIE = (xsd:anyURI|SafeCURIE)

Since I don't know the details of the import or include structure for
the XHTML RNG modularization under consideration, I can't make a
recommendation, but it is my understanding that Relax NG pattern
definitions are not namespaced, so I did not attempt to define the

Thank you for your consideration,

Leigh L. Klotz, Jr.
Xerox Corporation

Received on Tuesday, 17 June 2008 21:54:19 UTC