(GTI) We Sincerely Welcome You to GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2008!

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Slated to take place at B, C and D Zones of Hall One at the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) on May 8 to 10, GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2008 is now comprised of up to 860 booth spaces to mark on the event's fifteen-year anniversary and making an unprecedented record layout than ever seen before.  In addition to nearly one hundred domestic exhibitors in Taiwan, confirmed foreign exhibitors in terms of nationality include companies and media from Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the UK, Russia and China.  Amongst them more than 15 are first-time exhibitors, namely Interblock from Australia, Namco and River Service (RS) from Japan, QubicaAMF from Italy, Zhongshan Gold Dragon, Shiung Jou and Fu Jia from China, Jungletac Interactive from Hong Kong, Black Technology, Cinmex, Dragon Roc, Bao Lai, and Dosun in Taiwan.

At this time, each exhibitor is in serious preparations for GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2008 as all of them are looking forward to bringing new machines and innovations for a wider selection of high-end products to not only buyers to visit the show, but also everybody in the industry.  As GTI Asia Taipei Expo is set as an export-oriented trade show held in Taiwan each year, most local companies, whether they're doing R&D, manufacture-based, or accessories and parts businesses, see it as a touchstone for their products before taking them into international markets.   Aiming at different markets' and various individual buyers' needs, most companies in Taiwan can easily and quickly make changes based on a streamlined working procedure, from manufacture and production, all the way to selling.

GTI Asia Taipei Expo has for so many years been playing an important role as a hinge that connects the gaming/amusement industry on a global scale with Taiwanese companies and at the same time carefully addresses the demands from local and international clients.  With such a successful pattern, it is no wonder that more and more noticeable companies from neighboring countries in Asia, even in Europe and other key regions in the world, are getting involved in exhibiting at the show over recent years.  It also comes as no surprise that they regard the show as a prime gathering point to launch their hi-tech products year after year.  Visitors come from near and far in the faith that "GTI Asia Taipei Expo is visibly going international and gaining more influence on the climates of global gaming and amusement."  Soon the upcoming GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2008 will prove this to be true.

Attendees needing the tickets can simply right click the following links to download.

Any inquiries about the show, please contact the organizer, GTI Magazine, by telephone at +886-2-2760-7407 ext. 205 or e-mail at gametime@taiwanslot.com.tw.  For more news updates and show info, including FREE Online Visitor Registration, please visit: www.gtiexpo.com.tw or www.taiwanslot.com.tw.

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