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as far as I know, there is no (X)HTML- or CSS-feature to define the text and layout of "browse..." used along with "input [file]". The "lang"- and "xml:lang"-attributes are only used to tell the user agent, in wich language the content of a tag appears (mostly usable with screen readers, to set a more language-based speech), not how to translate the content to any other language (in this case you'll additionaly have to define the destination language, but this will be out of the scope of HTML and most user interfaces).

The layout of "browse..." depends on the system - Win, Linux, MAC, ... - the user interface - Internet Explorer, Firefox, ... - and last but not least the environment language under wich the user works. For example, if you install a japanese Windows and use Internet Explorer (along with some system-settings for the language interfaces), you will get a "browse..." in japanese Kana/Kanji. I've seen this shortly on a friend's computer.

So, try to install a french Windows - or freely any other system in french ;) - and you should get a french "browse..." in your forms. Of course, any other user across the internet will see a user-language dependend "browse...".

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(Don't worry about the english above - it was written by a german resident :] )

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> How do I rename a ‘File’
> button (used in forms for browsing and attaching files)? We do not want to use ‘browse…’ on our French sites,
> and the ‘lang=”fr”’ option does not translate it to French,
> in any browsers?
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