inputmode E.3.2 Modifier Tokens

(This comment applies to all languages that use the inputmode attribute -  
i.e. XForms 1.0, XForms 1.1, XHTML Basic 1.1)

The text says:

"Modifier tokens can be added to the scripts they apply in order to more  
closely specify the kind of characters expected in the form control.  
Traditional PC keyboards do not need most modifier tokens (indeed, users  
on such devices would be quite confused if the software decided to change  
case on its own; CAPS lock for upperCase may be an exception). However,  
modifier tokens can be very helpful to set input modes for small devices."

It is not clear if a script token is needed as well as the modifier.

For instance:

	<input ref=...>...

would presumably assume the default of the device. The question is, may I  

	<input inputmode="digits" ref=...>

and this then applies to the default script, or am I required to say

	<input inputmode="latin digits" ref=...>


I suspect (and hope) the former, and would like to suggest that some text  
be added explicitely allowing it.

Best wishes,

Steven Pemberton

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2007 09:05:29 UTC