Unablel to access opera support pages due to XHTML XML & other web sites

1st email returned; not sure if it went through to others.  Would appreciate any help you could offer so I can access websites.  Does our computer need to be checked out? Message from Ebay stated that when we tried to reset our password, that: "This request was made from:
IP address:
ISP host:
This IP address was traced to the Boston, MA area, we live in Granville, MA in Western MA  about 2-2.5 hrs from Boston.  After this the credit card used to make a purchase on Ebay was used to purchase 5 computers, the orderer said it was a mistake.   Is this XHTML XML a security issue?  Really appreciate any help you can offer.  

Cheryl Bennettt

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To:Peter.Stark@ecs.ericsson.com, distobj@acm.org, Mark Baker <mark.baker@canada.sun.com>, mbaker@planetfred.com
Subject:Unablel to access opera support pages due to XHTML XML & other web sites
Date:Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:53:47 GMT

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Subject: Unablel to access opera support pages due to XHTML XML 
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2007 18:00:08 

Looking for help.    Unable to access opera support download stuff.  When I click, I receive an error message that Opera does not accept XHTML + XML.

Appreciate any feedback that could be helpful.


Response lead to website: http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3236.txt
notes by Cheryl:
#5 - There was no space name or other info, just an error message from Opera.
# 7 Security Considerations: it is possible that
   'application/xhtml+xml' may describe content that has security
   implications beyond those described here.  
#8-   It is primarily targeted for use on the network by proxies in the HTTP
   chain that manipulate data formats (such as transcoders).
Could this be why I cannot use the snapfish site?  I was able to log in after several tries, but logged out when i tried to upload pictures from my laptop.  I have also been locked out of other sites that I used to use with no trouble, like whitepages.com.

 The parameter is intended to closely match the semantics of the
   "profile" attribute of the HEAD element as defined in [HTML401]
   (section, except it is applied to the document as a whole
   rather than just the META elements.  More specifically, the value of
   the profile attribute is a URI that can be used as a name to identify
   a language.  Though the URI need not be resolved in order to be
   useful as a name, it could be a namespace, schema, or a language

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                 The 'application/xhtml+xml' Media Type

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