Another Error in the HTML 4 Errata


My name is Totoliciu Gabriel Liviu

I would like to report an error in the HTML 4 Errata.

I've spotted an error in section 14 in the errata.
The errata 14th section is talking about section (Content Model Definitions), not 3.3.1 (DTD Comments)

Another silly thing appears in section 15.
The "correction" says: Seeking HTML WG input. Come on.. tell me that they didn't decide yet... Or this is not an important issue? Please make a decission as many people that I directed to the HTML spec asked me about this, so I wanted to print the errata out, but I found this broken errata.

My oppinion is that if the errata was available in printed formats, these errors wouldn't have appeared because people would have noticed them by looking at the table of contents (This is how I spotted them, because I wanted to make a printed version of the errata for personal use, including the pages to which they reffer to)
For the future, I belive that you should include a printed version of the errata.


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Received on Thursday, 28 June 2007 12:10:35 UTC