[xhtml-role] Examples of a validating implementation

I really appreciate the extension of XHTML 1.1 with the role attribute 
module, I also had no trouble extending my DTD, alas as soon as I start 
  using the role attribute in XHTML code, W3C validation fails.

I wonder if that is because the DTD was incomplete and role attributes 
weren't added to existing elements anywhere, or if the validator can't 
handle the role module yet (though extending XHTML 1.1 with the target 
module was no issue)?

My customized DTD is at 
http://www.hateparade.com/dtd/xhtml-target-role.dtd - alas I had to 
remove role attributes in XHTML from navigational UL elements again 
after validation failed. The pages are served with the XHTML mime type 
if the HTTP header supports it or if pages are requested by the W3C 

Some irritating aspect of xhtml-role-1.mod was "XHTML Role Attribute 
Module does nothing, since role is not incorporated in any elements 
content model as part of this module" - is that the reason for the 
validation failure? If it's not incorporated in any elements content 
model here, where is it then? xhtml-role-qname-1.mod is also vague about 

So would appreciate if anybody has a working and validating real world 
implementation of this module - that's what Working Drafts promote, 
don't they?

Also I wonder which channel is the best to receive any response? I 
mailed about 3-4 weeks ago to the working group members listed in the 
draft, then I mailed twice to the www-html list, and still haven't got a 

Best regards,

Received on Tuesday, 5 September 2006 13:38:29 UTC