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[xhtml2] extending values for property

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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 03:28:19 -0000
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This is a QA Review comment for "XHTML 2.0"
8th WD

About http://www.w3.org/TR/2006/WD-xhtml2-20060726/mod-meta.html

XHTML 2.0 Specifications says:

	"This specification defines a small normative 
	set of properties, but users may extend this set 
	as described for the property attribute."
The only "definition", I can read in the linked document is in section "24.1. Metadata Attribute Collection":

	"The list of predefined values (in the XHTML2 namespace) 
	are given below. Users may extend this collection of 
	relationships, however new values must be defined in 
	their own namespace, and the relationship names must 
	be referenced in documents as qualified names (e.g., 
	dc:creator for the Dublin Core "creator" relationship)."
It has been one of the major problems of the profile attribute in HTML 4.01, there was no formal definition on what should give the URI. No defined common format, which didn't leverage interoperability and make machine processing of value easy for the author.

In a User Interface if a model was clearly, it would make it possible for 
	- User agent to display the definition of the property if requested (accessibility, usability)
	- Authoring tool to display a menu with choices of values and their definition when editing
	- Search engines to index content with help on definition when someone is using the search engine.

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