Xfolite is a research prototype and at the moment it is not suitable to be used directly by end-users. It can be used by service providers to create a mobile client for their services, or by XForms researchers to experiment with mobile XForms clients.

At the moment you need to build a client yourself to try it, see for instructions. I will make binary builds available for some devices when the next release is ready. That may take some time however; I have lately not had much time available for developing it.

That being said, I can build and email you a binary of the current build if J2ME Polish supports your phone model. I can't guarantee that it will work though, unless you have one of the Nokia devices I have tested (E90, E50, E61i, E70, 6680, 2330 Classic). Which phone do you have?


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am new to this xfolite.can anyone help me how to use the xfolite on mobile phones.

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