Re: When the view has refreshed, how would I know?


At least in Orbeon, switches will keep the currently selected case
until they become non-relevant (if they do become non-relevant). I
assume you have such a situation then? Otherwise, it's a bug ;)

Also, I assume you have looked at <fr:databound-switch>? [1]

Now one of the new features under consideration for XForms 1.2 is a
data-bound switch, which I think is meant to address exactly your use
case. [2] Note that this is just a proposal under consideration.
Feedback is welcome.



On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 2:05 AM, Philip Fennell
<> wrote:
> I have a view, rendered by some XForms groups and controls and periodically
> the instance, from which the view is rendered, will get reloaded as a result
> of other events in the UI. This causes the view to refresh and as a result
> any switches in the view will revert to their default case.
> Now, I can maintain the current selection(s) in an additional instance data
> structure but it doesn't appear that there is an event I can listener for
> that is dispatched once the view has completed rendering. If there was then
> I could invoke a toggle action to set the appropriate case(s). This, of
> course, relies upon the case element variant of a toggle action but just
> having an 'xforms-refresh-done' event would be nice.
> I see in Orbeon's documentation that they have considered this scenario, but
> I wonder what other people have experienced in this area.
> Regards
> Philip Fennell
> Consultant
> Mark Logic Corporation

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