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The spec says the following: "When a non-relevant form control changes
to being relevant, the XForms action handlers that listen for events
on the form control must become enabled and then the form control must
be updated to represent the current value(s) and model item properties
of the instance node(s) to which it is bound or to which it refers.
The following events must be dispatched to the form control:
xforms-enabled, xforms-value-changed, one of xforms-valid or
xforms-invalid, one of xforms-readonly or xforms-readwrite, one of
xforms-required or xforms-optional, and one of xforms-in-range or

To me, this doesn't make much sense, but it is just one of the many
issues with UI events in our (Orbeon) opinion. We raised this as a
general issue a couple of years ago [1]. At Orbeon we have done quite
a bit of work since then on improving UI events, and we now have a
more fleshed-out proposal on our wiki [2]. As an implementor, it would
be great if you could comment on it ;)



On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 2:32 AM, Lars Windauer <> wrote:
> Hi list,
> I got a question regarding TestCase '8.1.1.b non-relevant form control
> becoming relevant'
> The test dispatches a setvalue action to /person-name/switch and as outcome
> the instance node /person-name/first-name becomes relevant.
> The test implies that the relevance change leads to an xforms-enabled,
> xforms-value-changed, xforms-valid, xforms-readwrite, xforms-optional and an
> xforms-in-range event dispatched to the xforms-input bound to
> /person-name/first-name/name.
> I do not understand why the xforms-value-changed, xforms-valid,
> xforms-readwrite, xforms-optional and xforms-in-range event are dispatched.
> Neither the relevant (6.1.4) nor the recalculate (4.3.2) section says
> something about dispatching e.g. xforms-required events in response to
> relevance changes.
> Among other things "4.3.2 the xforms-recalculate event" says that only
> changes(!) of required, readonly and / or relevant mips results in
> dispatching the respective events. Unlike the xforms-value-changed event I
> could not find any statement in the XForms 1.1 Recommendation saying that a
> relevance change results in dispatching any other event than xforms-enabled
> or xforms-disabled event.
> Did I miss something within the recommendation or is the 8.1.1.b test
> erroneous?
> Best regards
> Lars Windauer
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