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RE: question about usage

From: Philip Fennell <Philip.Fennell@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 08:18:38 -0000
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You can include, as you rightly suggest, a template (dummy) in a
xf:instance that you use as your source for an insert into your 'main'
instance document. The xf:insert action in XForms 1.1 lets you define
the source for the insert using the origin attribute. You'd also need to
use the instance() function to point to the 'template' instance.

A quick example:

<xf:insert	context="instance('entry')" 

The 'entry' instance document is an atom:entry, the source for the
insert (origin) is the nth (according to the index of an xf:repeat
selection) atom:category element in the 'categories' instance document.
The target is the node-set binding to atom:category elements in the
'entry' instance. When no categories exist in the entry the insert
location node becomes the parent atom:entry.


Philip Fennell

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This may not be an appropriate place for this question...

I'm trying to implement an invoice-type form using XForms.
I have the examples of inserting and deleting from repeating groups of

What do I do with an xml file that does not have any elements of some
optional type, where I then want the user to be able to insert some of
those elements?

Do I somehow load up a "dummy" xml document that contains spaceholders
for all of the optional elements and then merge that with my true data?

Looking for suggestions,

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