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Last Call Working Draft of the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0)

From: Thierry Michel <tmichel@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 17:12:31 +0200
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Dear All,

  The SYMM Working Group has published its Last Call Working Draft of the
  Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL 3.0)

This SMIL 3.0 edition is a new version, it extends the functionalities 
contained in SMIL 2.1, incorporating many media handling and control 
features requested by SMIL users. It also integrates popular SMIL 
extensions found in the RealPlayer. SMIL 3.0 also contains a collection 
of new features of general interest to the Web community, across the 
following areas:

  a. The SMIL State module:
     State integrates a data model and expression syntax
     that will -- eventually -- replace the SMIL Content
     Control mechanism;
  b. The SMIL Timesheets module:
     Timesheets provides a simplified way of adding
     SMIL timing to non-SMIL documents (such as (X)HTML);
  c. The SMIL Metadata module:
     Metadata allows metainformation to be sprinkled
     around the source document at the will of the creator.)
  d. The SMIL smilText module:
     The introduction of smilText -- an embedded form of
     timed text for inclusion into a SMIL document.
     This work aligns largely with DFXP, although the
     syntax and semantics are geared to SMIL.

The SYMM WG actively requests members of related WG's to read and 
comment on these technologies. Each section of the SMIL 3.0 
specification has new features (and changes from earlier versions) 
The Last Call review period for this document extends until 14 September
  2007. Please send comments to the public mailing www-smil@w3.org,
  including the prefix'[SMIL30 LC comment]' in the subject line.

  In particular, we invite comments from the following groups:
    - the XForms Working Group
    - Timed Text Working Group
    - Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group
    - XSL Working Group
    - Members of the Hypertext Coordination Group
    - the DOM Interest Group

  Patent disclosure page of this SYMM WG is at

  The SYMM WG approval for Last Call publication is at
  There is no formal objection associated with this document.

  Evidence that the document satisfies group's requirements:
  The group's requirements have not changed since First Working Draft

  Best regards,
  Thierry Michel, Team contact, on behalf of the co-Chairs, SYMM 
Working Group.
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