Re: Content Type

On 3/21/06, Mark Birbeck <> wrote:
> > I was wondering if XForms had a Content-Type associated to it
> > such as application/xforms+xml. I have not seen any on the
> > IANA website nor anywhere else. Please forgive me if I
> > haven't looked carefully enough.
> As Victor said earlier, it doesn't have such a type. What we need is
> actually some kind of 'sub-type' mechanism that lets us know that the
> browser has a plug-in installed--there are a number of suggestions on how to
> solve this, but nothing has been firmed up yet.

Yeah, we've also discussed it for some time. Adding a user-agent
identifier is not really "the right thing" to do, because you need to
know what combination of languages that the client supports, i.e.
XForms+XHTML, XForms+SVG, XForms+XHTML+SVG, etc. etc... This is a task
for the CDF working group
(the Firefox bug for it is here:

... Allan

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