Re: id attribute

* John Boyer wrote:
>On behalf of the working group, please note that the XForms schema 
>contains the id attribute in the common attributes.

The Process document does not cite ad-hoc modifications to a normative
schema as possible way to make changes to a Recommendation. It also
seems this is a new feature; as explained in the Process document, you
have to go through the whole Recommendation Track process to add new

It is at best unclear what this is supposed to imply. The published
Recommendation makes it perfectly possible to use e.g. the xml:id
attribute on XForms elements, while this is rather non-trivial if they
suddenly have an "id" ID attribute also. So even if the XForms Working
Group would follow the W3C Process and propose this change to the
Membership and the community at large, it's not likely to be accepted.
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