[Announcement] Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.6

 Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.6
 -- "Hasta la vista, baby"
 After many delays, the Mozilla XForms project is
proud to announce version
 0.6 of our extension. The "change log" of the most
important things can be
 found at the end of this email.
 For a complete list of what is, and what is not,
supported, please see the
 release notes:
 Executive summary
 * repeat and select optimization
 * changed value changed sequence so it behaves like
deferred updates (and 
 catch event loops)
 * more XUL controls
 * even better schema support
 * new permission manager
 You can find download and install instructions on our
download page:
 Note: You need to run Firefox ( or later) or
SeaMonkey (1.0.1 or later)
       to use the extension.
 We look forward to feedback on the extension, on the
mailing list, on IRC, or
 through bug reports. For details, see our feedback
 Known Bugs
 All known bugs can be found in the Bugzilla system.

 Change Log
 Basic functionality:
 * Make recalculate, revalidate, refresh work as
deferred update (bug 300591)
 * Add proper support for xforms-load permission (bug
 * index() update problem in repeat on nodeset change
(bug 318779)
 * Handle empty instances (they are invalid) (bug
 * Problem updating UI with external instances (bug
 * submission action=""mailto.."" not working (bug
 * repeat index() doesn't reset to 0 when last repeat
item is deleted (bug 
 * CDATA handling is wrong (bug 334821)
 * Controls using index() in @ref does not work on
form load (bug 335524)
 * UI dependencies not working for index() changes
(bug 335525)
 * Send on ev:xforms-select only works the first time
(bug 337139)
 * Anything getting focus inside a repeat row should
change index (bug 336596)
 * model > * > submission makes submit crash (bug
 * Non-relevant nodes not removed for some types of
submission (bug 338314)
 * Cannot submit with replace=instance more than one
time (bug 338451)
 * External instance not restored (on xforms-reset)
after replace=instance (bug 
 Controls (XHTML):
 * Support appearance attribute for select1 (bug
 * XBLize xforms:repeat (bug 306247)
 * Disabled controls should match more than :disabled
(bug 313118)
 * Support repeat appearance=""compact"" (bug 317518)
 * help @src only works with absolute URLs (bug
 * Hint does not work for select1 (bug 329617)
 * refresh inefficiencies with selects, items (bug
 * Optimize repeat refreshing (bug 331452)
 * XBLize xf:message (bug 333029)
 * select1 initialized by instance data on form load
has wrong size (bug 
 * select generating too many events (bug 333619)
 * Crash when using select1 (bug 334612)
 * select1 .xf-value targets dropdown arrow (bug
 * Missing xforms-link-exception when form loaded from
file:/// (bug 306846)
 * Support xforms-in-range and xforms-out-of-range
events for select (bug 
 * Events thrown in the model need to be deferred.
(bug 315712)
 * Catch eventing loops (bug 301994)
 * We should not dispatch events on form load (bug
 * select1 event sequence backwards: sel/desel then
value change (bug 332242)
 * xforms-link-exceptions in model should trigger
fatal error dialog (bug 
 * select without bind doesn't fire
'xforms-select'/'xforms-deselect' events 
 (bug 337960)
 * Fetching blocked by cross-domain checks should
trigger xforms-link-error 
 (bug 338517 and bug 338788)
 * Support for validating xsd:double schema type (bug
 * Elements with xsi:type are not validated on form
load (bug 332803)
 * More than one schema per namespace allowed within
<xf:model> (bug 299173)
 * Schema with forward type defintions causing load
errors (bug 337179)
 * Usage of INF/-INF with float and double not as
expected (bug 338005)
 * Empty node of type xsd:anyURI does not validate
(bug 339247)
 * switch/case for xul (bug 328148)
 * Calendar widget for xul (bug 330641)
 * Support @selection=""open"" for
xf:select1[appearance='minimal'] for xul 
 (bug 332197)
 * Hide non-relevant controls per default (bug 336726)

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Received on Thursday, 27 July 2006 19:50:41 UTC