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RE: The message action is for messages, not arbitrary dialogs

From: Klotz, Leigh <Leigh.Klotz@xerox.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2006 10:46:23 -0800
Message-ID: <E254B0A7E0268949ABFE5EA97B7D0CF4028D27CC@usa7061ms01.na.xerox.net>
To: "Aaron Reed" <aaronr@us.ibm.com>, <www-forms@w3.org>

Xf:dialog wasn't taken out of 1.0, but the requirement to support xf:*
content in xf:message was.
My recollection is that we left in a loophole for desktop browsers to
put it in, through the host language.
John's recollection appears to be different, and Eric points out it's
not obvious from the spec.

I doubt we will get xf:dialog into XForms 1.1 because of time pressure,
and there's no certainty about XForms 1.2.

So, my opinion is that host processors are allowed to put in xf:* into
xf:message because xf:message includes host language inline content, and
host language inline content can then include xf:* if it wants to (can
you put xf:input in xhtml:span?  If so, then you can put it in
xf:message).   X-Smiles and other implementations have shown it's
possible, and my reading of the spec is that it's allowable.  Certainly
it would be better to have XForms 1.1 out with xf:dialog, but I don't
see that happening.  Certainly if you display xf:message/@level='modal'
using a JavaScript alert, it's harder to tie to the model (and you can
see that avoiding the direct mapping to JavaScript alert box was one of
my concerns the day we proposed xf:message) but if you display it using
techniques more like Dojo and other JavaScriptUI libraies do for their
inline modal dialogs, then these implementation issues disappear beause
you're not using a new window.)


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Klotz, Leigh wrote:

> The primary reason we took it out
> was to allow mobile phone vendors the option of displaying only text;

Hmmm.  So if xf:dialog was taken out of the 1.0 spec to help the mobile 
vendors, what has changed for the mobile vendors such that this can go 
back in?  Is dialog not going to be in 1.1 basic?

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