RE: xslt stylesheet for xforms to xhtml

I think you are missing an important point. Sure, you could make an xslt
that translates a small subset of xforms to xhthml forms, but XForms is
not simply a new forms UI markup. The real value lies in its use of XML
Schema for validation and its binding to xml instance data. The XML
Schema handling simply can not be handled purely in xslt. I could see
how a pure xslt can handle binding to a single inline data instance, but
it will break down when you have to deal with multiple models, with
multiple instances, and with externally xlink-ed instances.

If you just want to learn about authoring xforms, then I suggest using
the X-Smiles browser. If you want to see an xslt+extension server-side
processor, then checkout the Chiba project on SourceForge. Both of these
will teach you a lot--not only authoring concepts, but implementation
details through source code. 

> From: Robert Trybis 
> Torsten wrote;
> >this is not possible without using extensions. (you need to evaluate
> xpaths at 
> >runtime) it has been tried before ;-)
> Surely this is not completely correct?
> Xforms is xml and xhtml is xml so a using xslt to translate 
> between the two should be possible should it not?
> Xforms exists because xhtml was found lacking for forms 
> processing. So it must follow that there will be some things 
> that can be defined in xforms that cannot easily be done in 
> xhtml. However if I keep my xforms simple and self-contained 
> am I not likely to be able to make a usable translation?
> I am just learning about xslt and xforms and having a 
> stylesheet, that converts xforms to xhtml, would teach me a 
> lot - even if its just the limitations of what can be done. 
> Does anybody know where there is a stylesheet?
> Regards
> Robert

Received on Friday, 30 August 2002 10:00:53 UTC