Re: Hierarchy and recursion

Hi Paul,

As a bookmark exmple author I would like to comment here.

As Micah explained, nesting is supported in XForms 1.0, but only to a
specified level. This is similar to <xslt:for-each>.

Nesting recursively to an unknown level would require some kind of
template mechanism in the style of <xslt:template>. It would be quite
complicated due to dynamic nature of XForms (you must also be able to
insert and remove new items at any level).

So to answer your explicit question: it would be possible to generate 
such a data if the form author knows that there are exactly 4 levels. 
But editing arbitrary levels of recursion is out of scope of XForms 1.0.


Paul Prescod wrote:
> Micah Dubinko wrote:
>>Hi Paul,
>>The 2nd example at G.2 is taken directly from the actual bookmark editor
>>used in X-Smiles.
>>Nested <repeat>s are supported. (reference: 9.3.9 Nested Repeats)
> Let me be 100% explicit. Could I use that bookmark edior to generate
> this data:
> <bookmarks>
>  <section name="level1"
>    <section name="level2">
>      <section name="level3">
>        <section name="level4">
>         <bookmark href=""
> name="images" />
>         <bookmark href=""
> name="ecma" />
>         <bookmark href="" name="sip"
> />
>       </section>
>      </section>
>    </section
>  </section
> </bookmarks>
> i.e. sections within sections. If so, I would encourage you to change
> the sample data to indicate that.

Received on Friday, 23 August 2002 03:54:28 UTC