Question about select1 and what is selected

Dear Working Group,

I have a question about what a select1 must select when several items 
are candidates. The wording in the specification states (8.1.11):

"For open selections: If the initial instance value matches the storage 
value specified by one of the items, the first such matching item is 

Which seems well defined, but for closed selections the specification 

"For closed selections: If the initial instance value matches the 
storage value of one of the given items, that item is selected. If there 
is no match, the form control must indicate an out-of-range condition."

So which item will be selected if there are more than one possible? I 
believe the specification should state that for closed selections the 
first matching item must be the one selected. My rationale is when the 
items are mixing value and copy elements an author might like to show a 
complex structure as selected and only if no structure is selected then 
show an item with a value element as selected. The best use case is when 
an author want a default message in a select1 that has no value, e.g.:

<xforms:select1 ref='value'>
  <xforms:label>Select a structure</xforms:label>
  <xforms:itemset nodeset='/values/structures/*'>
    <xforms:label ref='@label'/>
    <xforms:copy ref='.'/>
    <xforms:label>No structure selected</xforms:label>

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Received on Monday, 6 February 2006 11:28:09 UTC