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Need DOP check Lars Skree, new website

From: Lars Skree/Catfinn <Skree@email.dk>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 22:18:47 +0100
To: <skree@email.dk>
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If you need an director of photography, with experience in documentary,
fiction and commercials, don’t hesitate to contact me for further
I apologize if you by mistake got this email.
Sincerely Lars Skree
Lars Skree
Enghaveplads 23B 4 t.v 
1670 Copenhagen V
Phone  0045 40958811
Fax 0044-8701325518
Email Skree@email.dk
Curriculum Vitae
Started up the still photo agency MODLYS 1988
Still photo school, FATAMORGANA 1989. Teacher is the famous Danish
photographer Morten Bo
The wall on the wall exhibition , about the end of The Berlin-wall final
end in 1989.
With law, we brake the rights, exhibition about the Danish squatter
movement in 1990 
Photographer for the Department of the Environment, 1990
The quiet revolution. Exhibition about the communist controlled country
Czechoslovakia final end in Prague, 1989. 
Intifada Exhibition, about the Palestinian situation, in the occupied
West bank, in the Gaza stripe and in the refugee-camps Raffa and
Jaballa, 1991. 
Between a war generation, a production for the Danish DR1, about youth
growing up in a war zone, a Palestinian girl and a boy from Hezbollah.
In the middle of the grey exhibition, 1993. Collaboration with the old
famous photographer Brother Bernild and Jesper Lambaek, about deprived
city areas with heavy social problems, where we compared the situation
today and 40 years ago. The famous Danish poet, Dan Turéll wrote the
text and the music.
MTV Europa documentary from the Swedish extreme right wings. November
On-the-spot report about Kurdish militant group PKK, in Iraq and
southeast Turkey, 1993.
Senior and sex documentary s16mm, about elderly people, do they have an
active sex life? DK/Spain.
Various documentary programs for the Danish TV2
Documentary about smuggling weapon in Poland 1996.
Tom Merrit, short feature film black and white s16mm. A film based on
Edgar Lee Master's poetry collection, Spoon River Anthology (1915). A
large number of epitaphs for real and fictitious residents of Spoon
River, a pioneering area in the state of Illinois; this black and white,
suggestive visual poem is the first part of a trilogy. It tells the
story of Tom Merrit, a man caught up in the reality of which he thought
he was only an observer. For further details click here
After high school. Documentary for the Danish DR2, where we followed 4
persons after they left high school.
Released primarily filmed with mini DV camcorder, we followed four
people being released from different Danish prisons and one year ahead.
1: Son of a Gangster 2: Henrik's Return Trip 3: Nikki the Kid 4: Maria's
SHOAH, documentation project about holocaust, sponsored by Steven
Spielberg’s film Schindlers list.
1993-1997 Graduated from the National Danish Film school in Copenhagen
A another Europe. The Danish DR1. Documentary about economical and
political relationships between EU and Martinique 1997.
Colson. Documentary from a run down French hospital for mental illness,
placed in the middle of the jungle on the island Martinique 1997.
Children of Gaia a 1-hour documentary on the implications and effects of
extreme physical abnormality. Produced by Milton Media in co-production
with the TV2-Denmark and The Danish Film Institute. Written and directed
by Bente Milton
•          1999 Best documentary - Nordic Film-days in Lübeck, Germany. 
•          1999 Danish Film Academy Award - Documentary of the year. 
•          1999 Certificate of Merit - Golden Gate Awards, San Fransisco

•          1998 International Travel Grant, Nordic Panorama 
•          1998 Special Recommendation of the Jury - PRIX EUROPA 
•          1999 Best Documentary, Festival International del media 
•          Ambient, ........Gava, Spain 
•          2000 Danish Disability Foundation, Encouragement Prize. 
•          2000 Nominated for the TV-Festival prize 2000 1998. 
For further details click here http://www.miltonmedia.dk/gaia.htm
The girls from Tois place.  Documentary, 2000, DR1, SVT og ZDF/ARTE. The
36-year-old Thai woman Toi, owns her own bar filled with Thai bar, her
British husband owns nothing. Ten years ago, the situation was reverse.
Click here for further details http://www.koncern.dk/
The Sex trap. The story of two Danish men and their personal experiences
in the tourist paradise of Phuket, Thailand.
Accused of Child Sex. A 37-year-old Dane suddenly finds himself inside
one of Thailand's most notorious prisons. The corrupt police in Pattaya
tricks him out of 123000 $. Only with the aid of the Danish embassy is
he finally released.
African Dance. A program about Danish-African marriages. Documentary for
the Danish TV2, 1998, 28 min.
Forced risk. Documentary about contractors that, playing unsafe, are
playing with their workers health and security 1999. 
Documentary about a Danish female, who are working in a chicken factory.
Following her daily life 2000
3 programs to the national tv Dr1, about how the authorities are
planning the cities around the country.
Biker Jens in Asia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore 11 programs from
Asia. Programs featuring a famous Danish guy, which are driving and
exploring Asia on his Harley Davidson. 2000
ONE-HAND CLAPPING.  Svensson is a wealthy, ageing blusterer who has just
had a rather unusual funeral for his wife and is now on his way to Spain
with his cracker of a young mistress. However, his trip is delayed when
a lawyer turns up with a paternity suit. With a young undertaker as the
new chauffeur at the wheel of his Jag, he sets off to find the woman who
claims to have born his daughter, turning his life and that of his
companion upside down in the process. feature film 35mm, 63 copies
around Denmark. 2001
TECHNICAL DATA 35 mm (1.85:1) Dolby SR RUNNING TIME 84 min; 2293 meter.
Click here for further details
The bear and the gentleman. 55 min documentary. A portrait of the famous
Danish actor Jens Okking s16mm. Zentropa Productions, Olzenfilm 2001
Fight for money. 3 programs about a Danish/Greek K1 Nikolas Pettas
fighter, who have been living in Japan for 12 year. We follow him up to
his big match in Tokyo 2001.
The Mission. South Africa and Mozambique. 
A documentary, for Danish national TV Dr 1. In a period of 6 months, the
camera are following, 2 Danish youngsters from a liberal political
group. They are trying to help their colleague’s in Mozambique with
their experience in organising a political organisation. Director Jacob
Baby! An experimental feature film, about the life in the Danish
underworld. Director Linda Wendel, actors and producers Jesper
Christensen and Ulrik Thomsen. 
Various program TV2 and DR 2001
Various commercial for newspapers: Jyllands Posten, Home, Telia,
Grundfoss o.s.v
Various docu soaps for various tv-channels: Tv Danmark/Tv3, Extrem
Jønke. Various youth programs.
Lars Skree
Enghaveplads 23B 4 t.v 
1670 Copenhagen V
Phone  0045 40958811
Fax 0044-8701325518
Email Skree@email.dk
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