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Best Buy Instrumentation December 2001.

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      Issue No: 22.

      December 2001.

Trade Makers Wish all its readers A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year we thank you all for the good response to our gift shop in our divali issue and looking at the festive season we are extending the same for the current month additionally we will be sending gifts with every purchase made from this issue so hurry up offers open till stocks lasts.


      ThermaDataÔ Logger Now Available with PalmOSÔ Softwae. 


      Made  by

      ETI Limited – (U.K.)
     The ThermaData Palm software has been designed to enable ThermaData logger users to download data without removing the Thermadata logger from its monitoring position. The ThermaData Palm interface plugs into any palmOSÔ hand held computer’s is probably the most cost effective Temperature data-logger  


      Two methods of download are available. Manual download prompts the user for connection of the ThermaData Logger and once uploaded the data is shown on screen. "Auto Acquire" mode checks automatically for a connected ThermaData Logger. Once the upload is complete a bleep signifies the finish of the process. The ThermaData Logger can then be removed and another one connected ready for auto detection and acquisition.


      Once uploaded from the ThermaData Logger the files can be viewed in different formats. The summary gives an overview of the data including start and end dates and times, number of samples taken, alarm settings and number of alarms that have occurred. The graph shows the data as a line graph. The zoom feature allows the user to view down to 10 samples per screen. By tapping on a point on the graph the sample number, time, date, temperature value and alarm status of sample are displayed. The data or the alarms can be viewed as a list. User notes can be added which are then attached to the file. "Palm Hotsync" transfers the data to a PC where it may be interrogated using the ThermaData Logger soft-ware. A technical data-sheet and free demo software is available.
      Specification Therma Data Logger 
     - 40 to + 85°C
     ±1°C (±0.5°C with calibration utility)
      Real Time Clock
     Sec, mins, hours, day, month & year. 
     2048 temperature reading
      Sample Rate
     1 minute to 255 minutes
     45 grams
     Ø 55 x 25 mm
     Special Price. 
      Battery & Battery Life
     3.6 volt lithium – minimum five years
     ThermaData Logger 
     Rs. 5,400/*-
      ThermaData Software & RS232 Lead
     Rs. 6,120/*-
      Best buy offer  get a screw driver set or a wall hanging thermometer free with Thermadata logger and software & RS232 Lead Purchased together.
      * Including packing but excluding postage or courier and sales Tax as applicable 


      Thermapen Ô5 Economical Pocket Thermometers 

      Made  by

      ETI Limited – (U.K.)
      The ThermapenÔ 5 Pocket thermometer is now available with a choice of four different styles of probe, the air, liquid, penetration or surface probe.


      The Thermapen Ô 5 thermometers incorporate a clear digital display with precise read-out of temperature over the range of -50 to +300ºC with a 1ºC resolution. And accuracy of ± 1% ± 1 digit Each thermometer is supplied complete with a detachable wrist strap, battery and instruction card. 

      * Surface Probe - Fast response ribbon surface probe which is ideal for measuring flat surface temperature like Bearing & Motors.

      * Air Probe -  Fast response gas/air probe which is ideal for the refrigeration, food Processing  and air conditioning industry.

      * Liquid Probe - Strong and rigid probe suitable for general  purpose application.

      * Penetration Probe -  Strong, versatile probe with a sharp pencil-point tip suitable for liquids and semi-solid insertion

     Special Price
      Thermapen 5 With any one of the above integral probes .
     Rs. 5,400/*-  
      BEST Buy OFFER :- Get one wall thermometer or one screwdriver set FREE alongwith 3 nos of any of the above meters purchased indicate your choice along with the order
      * Including packing but excluding postage or courier and sales Tax as applicable 


      Special Gift offer

      Wall hanging Thermometer upto +50°C fitted in a wooden wall hanging stand ( Indian )
     100 Nos.
      Exclusive Kadhi Cloth bound Gandhi Dairy for 2002. with thoughts and sayings on each page 
     50 Nos.
      41 Pc Screw Driver set in a plastic case ( Imported )
     50 Nos.
      Wall hanging Thermometer upto +50°C fitted in a wooden wall hanging stand ( Imported )
     50 Nos.
      Wall Hanging Bi metal Room Thermometer –10 to +50°C or Thermo Hygrometer (Imported ) 
     50 Nos.
      Traditional Sprit-filled Plastic Bath Thermometers in the form of fish indicates  +10 To +40°C  (imported)  
     50 Nos. 
      The Traditional 16th Century Galileo Thermometer Beautiful spheres of colour Encased in glass range +18 to +26°C ( Imported )
     5 Nos.
      All The above prices Excludes Your Name Printing on gift, packing, postage or courier and sales Tax as applicable also a lead delivery time of 15 days. 




      List of instrumentation available at our end are as under :-

      Thermometers, Humidity meters, Anemometers, Muilty meters, Clamp-on meters, Pressure meters,  pH meters, TDS meters, Digital Hardness meter, Moisture Meter, Lux Meter, Ultrasonic Thickness gauge, Coating Thickness Gauge, Vibration meter, db Sound level meter, stetiscope, tachometer, gas leak detectors, thermocouples, digital Manometers, and a range of measuring instruments for details please mail us at :- instrument@vsnl.net  


To Order the above instruments please mail us at   instrument@vsnl.net 


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