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It not run

From: Alfredo Batista Rguez, Dpto Informatica <alfredo@biomundi.inf.cu>
Date: Tue May 16 08:56:22 2000
To: www-email-discuss@w3.org
Message-ID: <1ED14165C@biomundi.inf.cu>
	I have downloaded www4mail server. I read very carefully all readme 
file and configure the server by it, and it don't run. Well, it run, 
but it not plaace signals that run. I send messages to user 
www4mail@informatica5.biomundi.inf.cu, the message arrive to that 
user, but the server www4mail that I run at the prompt of user 
www4mail not get the message. How the server get the messages and 
process the information.

The aplication not write anything in the files access.log, quota.log 
and full.log

What happen?

Sld Al

Ing. Alfredo Batista Rodríguez. Dpto Informática.
    Gerente de Internet: Atención a Clientes
       Telef: (537)217708,217711,217964
         Fax Personal: (603) 375-2433
         Fax General : (537) 33-6529
           Consultoría  Biomundi.
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