First of all I have to thank you & people who have helped you to add 
useful commands!

Something is becoming a real problem in your system! and that's
the annoying "\" in the middle of the urls! Many people use such 
long urls and they prefer to use copy and paste in Windows 
in order to put it in their message and specially when using Ms-OutLook
that is a bit hard to make "\" sit in the right place ! (It always goes 
to second line even if you arrange it and this can be a waste of time). 

I suggest you to use some commands before ("all") urls (but not just some 
of them like the ones followed by : tsource & send & etc.) And you may ask 
the advantage of it : Well when all requests are followed by commands, 
a line without any command can automatically be interpreted as the rest of 
the first line and there will be no need to that "\"

Thanks a lot!
Mohammad Arab


Received on Friday, 4 February 2000 02:25:58 UTC