[was <none>] Requested (URL - help://www4mail)

 Hello! I have a little problem. When I get web pages through you service,
sometimes messages are split. Well I don`t limit them in size and they are
not very large. But they are splitted. And the problem is the continuation
never comes. Massage usually ends like the current one(in the bottom) Can
you help me please?

 wm> an HTML source adding GET SOURCE, SOURCE or XSOURCE options.

 wm> BUT PLEASE NOTE passwords passed this way, like everything else under
 wm> e-mail, are not necessarily private, because:
 wm>     - www4mail logs in all transactions locally.
 wm>     - HTTP/FTP transactions with any server via e-mail are unencrypted
 wm>       and may be intercepted on the Internet.

 wm>  * Message split, to be continued *

Received on Thursday, 10 August 2000 08:16:29 UTC