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Russian charset(s) problem

From: RYA <delo@rub45.vicom.ru>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 18:02:37 +0400 (MSD)
To: www4mail-comments@w3.org
Cc: info@bellanet.org
Message-Id: <ADz1LJtqj0@RYA>
                        Hello,www4mail developers,
        Your service is great.But there are some problems with filling
forms in Russian.You know that there are 4 types of Russian charsets:
        Could i specify one of that charsets in the form before sending it
(after appropriate filling) to my server-correspondent?
 I've tried getting document as a form,filling it with
lynx browser and sending it to that URL again.(More definitly - i've sent my
resume to the job server (to include it to database). )
        i have filled it -ok in lynx (visual on screen - cp866,sent as koi8-r
(my mailer converts cp866 to koi8-r while sending).
        But when i was attepting to request my own resume - i saw abbrakadabra
insted of my names and text.It was neither koi8-r,w-1251,cp866,ISO-8859-5 but
something like pseudographics. Why it occured? And how could i overcome it?

         Thank you very much for your advises,

        27 May 1999
PS: Also it was observed that CR-LF (0x0d,0x0a) symbols in my text was not
    appeared in my resume. It's another problem.
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