Re: Suggestions for www4mail next patch (FINALLY)


Finally the official patch should be available for download on Wednesday
22nd March 1999, let me know if you need it earlier.

I hope to offer an option to download the full www4mail script instead of
just the patch (just in case some one missed one of the previous patches).

Here is a rough list of what is implemented.

0. Load average Monitor - it checks the system load average and also
	the number of www4mail processes running. Right now the load
	average of the server is low, 
	very low (weekend average is 1, weekday average is 4).

1. Allow END Tag or Command
	end and a few other tags E.g --

2. Allow autodetection of MIME-TYPE for the get or send command

3. New command XFORMREPLY= one of source,tsource,text,get,send 
   This allow Users to select that FORM replies should arrive as 
	get or tsource.. and also caters for those without a 
	browser (via the text entry).

4. Smarter IP blocking
	www4mail  tries to look up the name of the IP address,
	it test the name and if the name fails then restrict the site
	otherwise answer the request.

5. Smarter HELP/Comment system
	E.g split messages should carry a comment about re-combining
	split parts.
	Suggest decoder programs based on MIME type ???
	Allow context sensitive help
	E.g help XURLCODE or help GETPART , etc...
	Someone has to write the help files... 
	possibly me over the weekend :-( (any volunteers ??).

6. Option to disable www4mail FRAMES handling
	XNOFRAME command (new)

7. Option to disable www4amil Script handling/insertion
	XNOSCRIPT command (new)

8. Auto check for  X-RATED sites, via keywords the META headers

9. Some minor bug fixes - Added some anti-loop codes.
	rearranged some functions internally.

10. Moved the version number up to 2.07

11. Some support for mapping forieng character set to ascii.
	You need to create a map file of course.

Any additions and suggestions or comments or code ;-) are welcomed.

Clement Onime

Received on Saturday, 20 March 1999 11:12:34 UTC