LTSC-DREL: IEEE LTSC-DREL WG: Request for Input on Educational an d Training Requirements


The Digital Rights Expression Languages (DREL) workgroup within the IEEE
Learning Technology Standards Committee is gathering requirements that a
standardized Digital Rights Expression Language (DREL) must meet to support
learning, education and training.
DREL standardization efforts exist, are well advanced and are supported by
large industry groups (multimedia, consumer electronics, telecommunications,
the IT industry etc.) We assume that such languages will be incorporated
into technology in this decade. Our goal is not to create another DREL
standard but to ensure that existing standards can be effectively used by
the educational community.

To this end, we are asking for your/your group's input and feedback. The
attached document explains what a standardized DREL can do and what type of
applications we envision for it. We invite you to submit comments and
(especially) specific areas and scenarios which you feel a standardized DREL
should support. 

Feedback should be submitted in the form of email to
or (See for
instructions on subscribing to the list.)

Juliette Adams

Received on Tuesday, 17 June 2003 10:04:37 UTC