Re: European Commission considers mandatory digital rights management

The problem I have in discussing DRM is that most people
assume it is all about "locking up" content with encryption and
restricting access to it.  It's a fair misconception, given the case
history to date.  However, the more enlightened are trying to
move away from that and towards an enabling infrastructure,
built from a mixture of legal, commercial, and technical tools,
that will promote business and improve the consumers lot too.
If that sounds too idealistic, then perhaps we should give up on
digital commerce altogether.  Personally, I think there is much
positive work to do.  DRM is in its infancy.  There have been
false starts.  I hope that everyone's voice is heard by legislators
and standards makers.  It won't go away, so let's make it work.


On 04/03/2002 16:46:44 Susanne Guth wrote:
> >As the U.S. Congress weighs mandatory digital rights management, the
> >European Commission is also looking into the topic. A 43-page EC
> >study of digital rights management gives a nod to fair use and privacy
> >-- and then says DRM schemes are not only inevitable but a fabulous idea.
> >
> >A key excerpt from the study says the EC "should continue to encourage
> >all players to develop operational, open and interoperable DRM
> >solutions and to deploy them rapidly." (Apparently the EC has been
> >funding such schemes for the last decade.)
> >
> >EC study here in PDF form:
> >

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