FW: Future of Music #21

FYI, In years past I've found this conference to offer a particularly
interesting perspective on online copyright issues. I'd encourage anyone
who's interested and able to consider attending.


Danny Weitzner

> -------------------------------------------------------
> 1. The Countdown Begins for the FMC Policy Summit: January 5-7, 2003
> -------------------------------------------------------
> The third annual FMC Policy Summit is scheduled for January 5-7, 2003 at
> Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  As with last year,
> we're bringing
> a fantastic and diverse group of artists, academics, lawyers, business
> leaders, technologists and policymakers together for an engaging and
> in-depth look at the most critical issues at the intersection of music,
> law, policy and technology.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Before we get to the nitty gritty, a general note that this year's Summit
> is shaping up very well. We've confirmed nearly all our panelists
> including
> such luminaries as rocker Joan Jett, NPR's Ira Glass, BMG's Jim Cooperman,
> entertainment attorney Rosemary Carroll, musicians Patti Smith, Eric
> Bazilian and Vernon Reid, WIPO copyright expert Richard Owens, NARM
> president Pam Horovitz, visionary Jim Griffin, California state senator
> Kevin Murray, manager and head of IMMF Peter Jenner, academic Yochai
> Benkler and Verizon VP Sarah Deutsch... just to name a few.
> We're also pleased to announce that, in addition to keynotes from Senator
> Russ Feingold, Rep. Mark Foley and Rep. Howard Berman, the newly-appointed
> FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein will be making his first public policy
> statements at the Summit.
> Perhaps even more exciting for us, there's been a HUGE amount of interest
> from musicians seeking scholarships to attend the Summit and, thanks to
> generous contributions from a number of sponsors, we've been able to
> subsidize the attendance of nearly 200 artists!
> COMPLETE SUMMIT SCHEDULE can be found online here:
>   http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/schedule.cfm
> ********************************************************
> REGISTER NOW! Our robots are standing by to take your order.
> Just visit our secure page:
>   https://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/registration.cfm
> Što guarantee your seat!
> Read on for more reasons why you need to be thereŠ.
> ********************************************************
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Monday and Tuesday's programs will include five panels each day, keynote
> speeches, musical performances, networking opportunities, and
> other events.
>  In addition, we have built out a program on Sunday afternoon so that
> working musicians with day jobs can also have a chance to attend.  Sunday,
> January 5 will include three musician-specific panels that will focus on
> practical matters for working musicians, and also serve as a "primer" for
> the next days' discussions.
> For more information about the schedule and panelists go here:
>    http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/schedule.cfm
> -------------------------------------------------------
> We are working with Georgetown University Law School to secure CLE credits
> for this program.  The program has been approved for 7.5 to 9.0
> CLE credits
> for New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania, with Virginia credits currently
> pending, and others in the works.
> Information about CLE credits for these and other states:
>   http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/cle.cfm
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Launched in 1997 as part of the Performing Arts for Everyone Initiative,
> some 400+ people stop by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts every
> day to enjoy performances at 6 PM in the Grand Foyer. We are pleased to
> announce that the FMC is working with the prestigious Kennedy Center on
> concerts to be held in conjunction with the Policy Summit.
> Saturday, January 4 at 6 PM:  Patti Smith
> Sunday, January 5 at 6 PM:  Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers
> On Thursday, January 2 at 6 PM,  Barbara Sorenson will also be performing
> at
> the Millennium Stage.  Barb is a musician scholarship recipient and has
> arranged a number of shows in the DC area around the Summit.
> Concerts are free to attend, no tickets required, so spread the word!
> There's more about this program on their website at:
>   http://www.kennedy-center.org/programs/millennium/
> -------------------------------------------------------
> How could we host an event like this and not kick things off with a Pho
> dinner on Saturday night (right after the Patti Smith show)?  Visit this
> page for more information about how to RSVP:
>    http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/pho.cfm
> -------------------------------------------------------
> We'd like to thank the sponsors who have already demonstrated
> their support
> for the Summit:
> ASCAP	http://www.ascap.com
> Pearl Jam	http://www.pearljam.com
> Microsoft	http://www.microsoft.com
> BMI		http://www.bmi.com
> AFTRA	http://www.aftra.com
> AFM		http://www.afm.org
> SESAC	http://www.sesac.com
> DMusic	http://www.dmusic.com
> Neuros Audio	http://www.neurosaudio.com
> Multicast Technologies http://www.multicasttech.com
> CD Baby	http://www.cdbaby.com
> Epiphone 	http://www.epiphone.com
> Just Plain Folks http://www.jpfolks.com
> Electronic Frontier Foundation http://www.eff.org
> Georgetown University Department of Art, Music & Theatre
> Georgetown University Communication, Culture and Technology
> Check our website for specific events hosted by our sponsors!
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Two of our sponsors have graciously offered items for us to raffle away.
> Epiphone Guitars has donated an AJ-18S acoustic guitar (list price: $500)
> and Digital Innovations is giving away two of its brand new Neuros Audio
> players  a 20 gig model (list price: $399) and a 128 MB flash version
> (list price: $249).  All registered participants will be eligible for the
> drawings.  Just three more reasons to sign up!
> -------------------------------------------------------
> We have posted information about travel and a variety of hotels on the
> following page:
>   http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/directions.cfm
> We have also reserved 40 rooms from January 4 -7 at the Marriott at
> Georgetown University Conference Center. This hotel is on the GU
> campus and
> only a few hundred yards from Gaston Hall, making it very
> convenient.  Call
> 1.800.228.9290 or 202.687.3235 and mention the "Future of Music Coalition"
> to receive the discounted rate of $145. Reservations must be made by
> December 27, 2002 to receive the special rate. Please visit their website
> to learn more about their services, rooms, covered parking, and other
> amenities.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> Because of some generous contributions from our sponsors, 200
> musicians are
> able to attend the event on a scholarship status. We would encourage any
> working musicians who want to engage in the music/tech debate and better
> understand the issues affecting their livelihood to fill out an
> application
> online here:
>    http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/scholarship.cfm
> Scholarships are for musicians only and we only have a few left so if
> you're a musician who's interested in attending, fill out an application
> now.
> ******************************************
> The registration fee for the three-day event is $745, which
> includes access
> to all panels and events on all three days, as well as a breakfast buffet,
> snacks, beverages, and a boxed lunch on Monday and Tuesday.  Go to this
> secure page:
>     https://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/registration.cfm
> Š to register now!  Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted.
> *******************************************
> -------------------------------------------------------
> We want Gaston Hall to be packed with folks who want to
> participate in this
> vigorous debate about music, law, technology and policy, so
> please let your
> colleagues, students, clients, customers, friends and family know about
> this important event.  Interested folks should be encouraged to visit the
> Summit's homepage at:
>     http://www.futureofmusic.org/events/summit03/
> ...to learn more about registration, schedules, sponsoring opportunities,
> and the scholarships we're making available to working musicians. Want to
> help us even more? Contact our volunteer coordinator Kendall Nordin at
> kendall@futureofmusic.org to see how you can help either before or during
> the event.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 2. FMC Releases Results of Radio Consolidation Study
> -------------------------------------------------------
> On November 18, 2002 the FMC publicly released its report documenting the
> effects of radio station ownership consolidation on musicians and the
> public. This comprehensive analysis was conducted in partnership
> with Media
> Access Project and funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.
> The report's findings were announced at a press event at the Willard Hotel
> in Washington, DC on November 18 where FMC's Jenny Toomey,
> Kristin Thomson,
> Peter DiCola and Michael Bracy were joined by representatives from AFTRA,
> AFM, Media Access Project and Consumers' Union.
> The release of the study generated an impressive volume of press, not to
> mention a "fact sheet" issued by the National Association of Broadcasters
> in advance of the report's release meant to discredit our work.  You can
> visit this webpage to review the full report, the executive summary, the
> NAB's "fact sheet", our rebuttal, or any of the supporting documents:
>    http://www.futureofmusic.org/research/radiostudy.cfm
> In addition, FMC representatives were invited to the Federal
> Communications
> Commission in early December to present the findings with various
> commissioners and the FCC's Media Bureau Research Group. We'll give a more
> thorough rundown of the results of the radio study at the conference, as
> well as in our next newsletter.
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 3. Great Articles in the Newsstream
> -------------------------------------------------------
> There's been a significant amount of press about many issues that we care
> about, including major label accounting practices, webcasting, radio
> consolidation, pay for play, and digital distribution, many of which will
> be hot topics at the Summit.  Here's a selection:
> Music industry fight to block Net access hits new lows
> Editorial: Just ask any teenager: Nobody who's anybody pays retail for
> music. Thanks to software that is readily available on the Internet, free
> music files can be easily downloaded.
> USA Today, December 9, 2002
> http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2002-12-09-our-view_x.htm
> Recording Industry Practices Hearing Summary
> By Senator Kevin Murray State of California, 26 District Chair, Senate
> Select Committee on the Entertainment Industry
> December 3, 2002
> http://news.dmusic.com/print/5767
> FCC's Copps to Take Media Hearings On the Road
> The lone Democrat on the Federal Communications Commission said
> Thursday he
> will hold hearings outside Washington on media ownership regulations that
> are under review at the agency -- and will do so himself if necessary.
> By Todd Shields
> Mediaweek, November 21, 2002
> http://www.mediaweek.com/mediaweek/headlines/article_display.jsp?v

Universal Music to Redo Royalties
Firm becomes second to respond to concerns about the industry's accounting
By Chuck Philips
LA Times, November 28, 2002

Congress Gives Webcasters a Break
Smaller Internet music broadcasters will be allowed to pay lower copyright
royalty fees than they do now under legislation Congress passed on Friday.
Wired.com, November 15, 2002

4. How are we doing?

That's it for this newsletter.  We'll get back to our regularly scheduled
analysis of the music and technologies issues after this year's Policy
Summit. You can always send an email to suggestions@futureofmusic.org with
your comments.

Thanks as always,

Jenny Toomey
Michael Bracy
Walter McDonough
Brian Zisk
Kristin Thomson
Peter DiCola

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