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Summary of DOM Test Suites status

From: Philippe Le Hegaret <plh@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:12:19 -0500
Message-ID: <3BDD7FE3.10BB3229@w3.org>
To: www-dom-ts@w3.org
(Dimitris, Mary and I had a phone call on Friday to summarize the status of the
 DOM Test Suites.)

The main concern was the harness of the future DOM Conformance Test Suites. As
I pointed out in this past, it is not possible to rely the test suites and the
harness on the GNU license. The test suites were bound to the W3C license, but
the harness for JUnit is under the GNU license unfortunately (GPL license, not
LGPL). GPL and W3C license are not compatible and we cannot recommend
people/companies to use the *Unit frameworks only. We can certainly point
people to the *Unit of course but the Java and ECMAScript DOM Conformance Test
Suites will need to use a different one. After a few discussion, we agreed to
reuse what was possible from the existing harness and develop the missing bits
by reusing the NIST harness. We'll point people to the two harnesses (new one
and *Unit) and people will have a choice like that. Mary is going to take care
of the ECMAScript harness. I will do the Java one (Mary needs to send him the
appropriate bits to start with). We need to make sure that the same tests are
run and in the "same way" in the two harnesses, thus making no difference as
far as choice of harness is concerned. We are still missing the DOM Level 1
HTML Test Suite. Given that DOM Level 2 HTML is not backward compatible, a DOM
Level 2 HTML test suite would be more appropriate. Mary will see what can be
done in NIST and will ask for help in the www-dom-ts mailing list to convert
the existing NIST DOM HTML test suite. Dimitris will help to unify the
harnesses and needs to take of the documentation.

For the documentation and the harnesses, we'll try do be ready before the next
DOM f2f meeting in the middle of November. A demo of the test suites against
some DOM implemetations is scheduled for the f2f.
For DOM Level 2, we now have the Core test suite. The Events module should be the
next target (no schedule or allocated ressources yet), in order to get ready
for the DOM Level 3 Events module.
We should advertize the DOM Level 1 test suite as soon as it is ready, in order
to get people's attention on the work and try to get ressources to work on
DOM Level 2 suites.

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