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LS tests draft

From: Jeroen van Rotterdam <jvrdam@xs4all.nl>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 18:32:31 +0100 (CET)
Message-ID: <12870.>
To: www-dom-ts-submission@w3.org
('us-ascii' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Attached is a draft version of the DOM3 LS test suite. Why a draft: ------------ - to give you an idea something is happening with the test suite - to allow you to comment these tests in an early phase - the spec is still changing - we need a couple of additions to the test suite stylesheets - they haven't been tested yet against an implementation The tests were build against the WD of 6 feb 2003 LS, 5 feb 2003 Core. Coverage: --------- I only briefly looked at a coverage of the suite against the spec. What is *not* covered: - MODE_ASYNCHRONOUS, all tests are SYNCHRONOUS tests - DocumentLS.get/setAsync - LSLoadEvent interface - LSProgressEvent interface - DOMBuilder.getFilter - DOMWriter.get/setNewLine Obviously interface coverage is only a piece of the cake. Test we won't write: -------------------- - ASYNCHRONOUS tests - Event handling What I will do next: -------------------- - Run the tests against our implementation, we recently updated our LS implementation against the latest draft. - Add a couple of more tests - Update the tests for spec changes - fix errors in the tests Known issues: ------------- 1. DocumentLSTest4 contains { solution: fix test-to-java 2. DOMBuilderTest5, DOMEntityResolverTest0, DOMEntityResolverTest1, DOMInputSourceTest5 contain DOMUserData solution: change test-to-java to convert DOMUserData to an Object 3. DOMEntityResolverTest1, static inner class solution: change test-to-java so that inner classes aren't static 4. DOMInputSourceTest0 creation of inputstream solution: add a way to create a DOMInputStream to the dtd generation 5. DOMInputSourceTest1, DOMInputSourceTest3 creation of DOMReader solution: add a way to create a DOMReader to the dtd generation 6. DOMWriterTest1: inputstream/outputstream solution: add a way to create an inputstream from an outputstream 7. DOMWriterTest2: Boolean.TRUE, Boolean.FALSE solution: either DOMConfiguration will change or we need to support Boolean object types. A while ago Curt checked in a couple of ls tests. These 3 files should be removed from cvs. Jeroen ===== X-Hive Corporation Jeroen van Rotterdam, CEO e-mail: jeroen@x-hive.com phone: +31 10 2818080 http://www.x-hive.com

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