FW: Candidates Needed

No experience necessary. We seek qualified
business professionals interested in getting into
the lucrative world of Internet Recruiting.

You can put professional recruiting at the
top of your list of dream businesses. But
forget about recruiting the "old fashioned"
way. Our revolutionary "high-tech/high-touch"
approach to employee placement is literally
making traditional recruiters obsolete.

We invite you to consider one of our four
unique opportunities:  

BE THE BOSS. Become a Master Associate.
This businessperson could be you, if you're
ready to manage and lead the efforts of
Recruiting Consultants and Research Associates
located just about anywhere in North America.
You will learn every aspect of the recruiting
business and be supported by IRG every step
of the way. Still, you will mostly oversee
and guide other recruiting pros, yet enjoy
50% of what they bring in.

Learn more about becoming a Master Associate:


DO IT ALL. Become a FastTrack Associate.
You're a self-starter who wants total
independence above everything else. You truly
enjoy the variety of dealing with many job
Candidates and different employers, spending
time on the phone and hours on the net,
keeping it all organized and running smoothly.
And you like keeping all of the profits.

Learn more about becoming a FastTrack Associate at:


BE A PRIVATE iDETECTIVE. Become a Research Associate
You'll be perfect for this role if you’d
rather explore the internet -- by day, by
night, 15 minutes here, a couple hours there
-- instead of selling. You will relentlessly
track down qualified Candidates and job
openings, using the latest search software
that we will provide, keeping other Associates
supplied with qualified leads -- for a fee.

Learn more about becoming a Research Associate at:


BE A MATCHMAKER. Become a Recruiting Consultant.
You're the kind of person who just naturally
loves the thrill of putting Candidates and
jobs together, but you'd rather let someone
else define who they are. You'll support a
Master Associate who in turn supports you by
providing qualified leads, for a share of the
profits. And you'll have the option of someday
becoming a Master Associate yourself.

Learn more about becoming a Recruiting Consultant:


Are any of these IRG opportunities right for you?

Whichever opportunity you select, IRG provides
all necessary information, software, and
training to guarantee you a fast start. Ongoing
support is provided by the same pros who teach
you the basics.

For more detailed information without obligation,
request our FREE Video and Start-up Kit at:


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