[Mailtag2] ADV - unlimited 56K dialup for only 8.95 per month!

$8.95 per month 56K unlimited dialup internet access

Mailtag.com is offering unlimited 56K dialup internet access to over 2000 cites in the US for only 8.95 per month!  Mailtag.com is also offering many free items, whether you upgrade to the dialup status or not.  Please see below:

Get activated immediately by connecting with your web browser at (if you do not already have a free account on mailtag.com):

http://www.mailtag.com/public/join_mailtag.htm - after signing up for your "free email account, then go to:

Click here https://secure.mailtag.com:1010/code/html-WCSBillinit to securely upgrade to dialup access with a credit card.  We can even bill you, please check the billing information on the above credit card section, or send an email to us at


for an auto-responding invoice via email.  The invoice process takes an extra amount of time because of the slower speed of the snail mail.  We have to receive your check or money order before we will activate your account.

Currently, we have numerous free utilities we offer paid, and un-paid users (no payment of any kind required), they are as follows:

1.      Free E-mail
2.      Free POP3
3.      Free Postcards
4.      Free Calendars
5.      Free Web Pages
6.      Free Photo Album
7.      Free File Exchange
8.      Free Chat (not like IRC, basic)
9.      Free ICQ connection to help staff
10.     Free E-mail forwarding to another account
11.     Free User Search
12.     Free Statistical reports
13.     Free Live Cam to the mailtag.com servers
14.     Free exclusive Web Based Helpdesk, and FAQ section (usually help issues are completed within a  hour)

Mailtag.com has been running since 1996.  We currently have 30,000 active users.  We block more than 500,000 spams per day.  Yes, we really do.  We are opposed to spam.  We would like to say we are 100 percent spam free, however; some still get through.

We have purchased lists of email addresses that allegedly accept unsolicited email.  If you are offended by this email, or are not happy that you got this email, please email


and we will inform our vendor, and remove your email from OUR future mailings.

Thank you for your time

The Sales Department, mailtag.com

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