Your Online Fundraiser!

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If this message looks funny, and/or is missing images, you can view our site at www.educashin.org
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    <TD vAlign=bottom align=left bgColor=#f9c600><A 
      border=0></A> &nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="http://www.educashin.org"><IMG 
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    <TD align=middle bgColor=#616161><FONT color=white><STRONG>The Online 
      Shopping Fundraiser!</STRONG></FONT></TD></TR>
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          <TD vAlign=top align=left bgColor=#858585><FONT color=white 
            size=2><STRONG>Shop from these categories!</STRONG><BR><BR>Candles 
            &amp; Holders<BR>Clocks<BR>Fountains<BR>Garden Decor<BR>Glass 
            Creations<BR>Home Decor<BR><BR>and much more!<BR><BR>New products 
            and categories are added regularly! </FONT></TD><!-- Center column -->
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            <CENTER><FONT color=red size=6><STRONG>News 
            Flash!<BR></STRONG></FONT></CENTER><BR>In March 2002, Educashin will 
            have a huge, new selection of products available! We are adding over 
            3,000 products to our store, in more categories to shop from! New 
            advertising programs to help you boost awareness of your fundraising 
            campaign will be added, all FREE! Also, we are making printed 
            catalogs available for purchase, to expand your fundraiser beyond 
            online! Your group will have the opportunity to be credited for the 
            cost of the catalogs, based on sales!<BR><BR>We're excited about our 
            upcoming improvements, and we look forward to helping you reach your 
            goals, and beyond! Visit the site today, and remember to bookmark 
            us, or save us in your favorites! Take a look now, but remember, our 
            improvements and new products and new programs will not be available 
            until March!<BR><A href="http://www.educashin.org">www.educashin.org 
            - Click here!</A> <BR><BR><STRONG>What is 
            Educashin?</STRONG><BR>Educashin.org is an online shopping web site 
            that donates part of it's profits to organizations seeking 
            fundraising.<BR><BR><STRONG>Who can have a fundraiser with 
            Educashin?</STRONG><BR>Any school, PTO, PTA, team, church or other 
            group or individual with fundraising needs can 
            participate.<BR><BR><STRONG>How do I sign up my 
            group?</STRONG><BR>If you are a representative of your group (for 
            example a PTO member, you can sign up here<BR><A 
            you a member of your group and would like your group leader or 
            representative to sign up, click here, and we will send them 
            href="http://www.educashin.org/default.asp?link=signup&amp;nonofficial=yes">http://www.educashin.org/default.asp?link=signup&amp;nonofficial=yes</A></TD><!-- Right column -->
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    <TD align=middle bgColor=#616161><FONT color=white>2002 
    <TD align=middle>To be removed from our mailing list, simply reply with 
      the word "remove" in the subject 
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