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Weekly Beauty Tips
Weekly Beauty Tips (WBT) is a newsletter that covers everything you wanted to know about beauty, from Hair Care to Skin Care, Makeup tips and more. One of our most popular sections is where you, the reader, send us your questions and we have our experts answer them.
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Here are some of the questions our readers asked recently….
Dear Weekly Beauty Tips,
** What is the best way to reduce the appearance of pores? Jill T, Phila. Pa
** I hear a lot about Vitamin C used in skincare. Can you tell me what are the benefits of Vitamin C for your skin? And what are the best Vitamin C skincare products to use? Sincerely Jackie. Chicago, Il

** What can I do to keep powder eye shadow from creasing? I tried using an eye shadow base by (ABC company) but my eye shadow still creases. Any product or technique suggestions for keeping eye shadow looking fresh throughout the day? Best Regards, Francie. Miami, Fla
** I've got shoulder length hair, which I color every 5 weeks (WAAAYYY too much gray!) Although I am very diligent about not washing every day and making sure my hair is well conditioned I have been having a problem since we moved into our new home. I suspect we've got very HARD mineral laden water. The products that used to work just fine now don't do anything at all. My hair is feeling like straw. Any deep conditioners and / or leave-in-conditioners you can recommend? Thanks Anne. Dallas, Tx
** when i use concealer it seems as if i get more product surrounding the blemish then on the actual imperfection... thereby making the spot much more obvious! help... maggie La, CA
** I have always had the problem of makeup for want of a better word eating into my skin. I have tried everything but no matter how nice my makeup looks in the morning it is gone by mid-afternoon Susan Best Regards, Susan
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Weekly Beauty Tips

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