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Is your web site missing Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are used by the biggest search engines to index
web sites.  Without them, your site is probably not indexed
with the key words and description needed for people to find it.

Millions of viewers daily use these facilities to find the products
and services they are looking for.  But if your site is not properly
listed, no one one will see it.

Listings on most of these services are free.  However, preparing your
site with Meta Tags and locating and filling out the forms required to
get a listing can take several days, and most people just don't have the
time to do it.

That is why we offer a web site promotion service.


We will submit your site to 50 indexes and search engines for $89.  We
will accept the return of this email, with the form below filled out,
as an order.  We will bill you upon completion of the promotion.  Our
terms are net 15 days from date of invoice.

If you would like us to revise your home page to include Meta Tags, we charge
an additional fee of $95, and email you the page when ready.  Alternately, you can
find directions for adding Meta Tags yourself on our web site at


Generally, we complete the submissions within two business days of
receiving your order.  It can take any individual search engine or
index up to three weeks to process your submission, although most are
much faster.


The list changes from time to time.  This is our current list:

Alta Vista, Anzwers, AOL Netfind, BizCardz Business Directory, Bizlink,
BizWeb, Black Widow Search, Excite, Galaxy, HotBot, Infomak, Infoseek, 
InfoSpace, InterBis, Jayde Online Directory, Jumpcity, Jumper Hot Links, JumpLink, 
LinkMonster, Lycos, MangaSeeker, Manufacturers Information Network, 
Net Happenings, Net Announce, New Page List, New Riders WWW Yellow Pages, 
Northern Light, One World Plaza, PeekABoo, Planet Search, Power Crawler, 
QuestFinder, Scrub The Web, Seven Wonders, SiteFinder, SiteShack, Super Snooper, 
The YellowPages.com, TurnPike, Unlock: The Information Exchange, WebCrawler, 
WebVenture Hotlist, WhatUSeek, Where2Go, WhoWhere, World Announce Archive, 
Wow! Web Wonders!, YeeHaa!, Yellow Pages Superhighway, YelloWWWeb, Your Webscout, 


When we have completed the promotion, we will send you an HTML
file as an attachment to your E-mail bill.  Save this file to your
disk, and view it through your Web browser.  It provides links to the
search engines we submitted your site to, plus any comments we received
from them when we did it.


While we can't guarantee an increase in hits or a top position on
a search engine listing, we do guarantee that you will be satisfied with
our efforts on your behalf.  We do not require prepayment.


We are a web site promotion company located at:

   Uplink, Inc.
   36 Tamarack Ave.-Ste.284
   Danbury, CT 06811
   Phone: (877) 586-0663
   Fax:     (800) 321-6966
   E-mail: up@uplinkpro.com
   Web site: http://www.uplinkpro.com


The easiest way to order is through our on-line order form at
"http://www.uplinkpro.com/order.htm".  Or you can order by e-mail.  Just
hit the REPLY button on your e-mail program and fill out the
following information. (This information will be posted to the
search engines/indexes):

Your name: 
Company Name:
City:              State/Prov:     Zip/Postal Code: 
Email address: 
URL:  http://
Site Title: 
Description (about 25 words): 
Key words (maximum of 25, in descending order of importance):

Contact (in case we have questions): 

Would you like us to revise your site with the addition of Meta Tags for an
additional charge of $95.00? (Yes/No):

If  billing a different address, please complete the following:

Company Name:
City:              State/Prov:     Zip/Postal Code: 
Email address: 

We will bill via Email. (A11 11/3/98)

Terms:  By returning this document via Email, you agree as follows:
You have the authority to purchase this service on behalf of your
company.    Terms are net 15 days.  Accounts sent to collections will
be liable for collection costs.  You agree to protect and indemnify
Owl's Eye Productions, Inc. in any claim for libel, copyright
violations, plagiarism, or privacy and other suits or claims based on
the content or subject matter of  your site.


When we receive your order, we will acknowledge it via return email.
We will then download your home page, add Meta Tags containing the
key words and description you have provided us, and email it back to you.

When you have uploaded it to your web site, we will rum your promotion to
50 search engines and indexes, capturing any comments from search engines
as we go.  We will incorporate these into an HTML-formatted report to you,
which we will attach to your bill.
======================Web Site Promotions======================
   Uplink, Inc.
   36 Tamarack Ave.-Ste.284
   Danbury, CT 06811
   Phone: (877) 586-0663
   Fax:     (800) 321-6966
   E-mail: up@uplinkpro.com
   Web site: http://www.uplinkpro.com