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From: Eliot Christian <echristi@usgs.gov>
Subject: CIMI Z3950 testbed project
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>Subject: CIMI Z3950 testbed project
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>February 26, 1997
>Details follow on an opportunity for museums, libraries, systems
>developers, campuses, corporations and other institutions or organizations
>to take part in a eight month Consortium for the Interchange of Museum
>Information (CIMI) program starting May/97 to implement Z39.50 in museums
>and cultural heritage information management systems.
>This is a part of CIMI's exploration of Z39.50 as a basis for distributed
>searching of museum and library and archives databases. 
>Dear Colleague,
>CIMI with support of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is 
>pleased to announce the CIMI Z3950 Interoperability Testbed project.  This
>is  an exciting opportunity for developers and providers of museum
>information systems who may not be members of the CIMI consortium to take
>part in a project to develop integrated online access to library, archive
>and museum information resources.
>For more information on CIMI see <www.cimi.org/cimi>.
>A selected group of participants will work with CIMI consortium members to
>implement Z39.50 as a basis for searching museum databases regardless of
>the type of system they are held in and as a way for there to be
>interoperability between information resources in libraries, archives and
>CIMI is seeking responses from interested parties who:
>        * Build or develop museum collections management systems, library
>applications, or cultural heritage information resources,  or partnerships
>of museums and a system vendor/developer;
>        * Have an interest in implementing the Z39.50 search and retrieve
>        *  Are interested in the application of Z39.50 for solving problems
>of coherent access to museum, bibliographic and archival information.
>        Participants Will:
>        Work with CIMI consortium members to implement the CIMI Z39.50
>Application Profile by building support for it into an application system.
>        Spend 2 days in Washington, DC learning about Z39.50 and the CIMI
>        Receive Z39.50 utilities, tool kits and program code to assist with
>the integration of Z39.50 support into the local systems;
>        Implement agreed parts of Z39.50 and the CIMI Z39.50 application
>profile into their local system;
>        Participants Are Required To:
>        Implement Z39.50 support in a museum collection management DBMS or
>extend existing Z39.50 bibliographic system to support the CIMI profile to
>the extent prescribed in the implementers agreement (available Mar 20/97);
>        For the purposes of the test be willing to make accessible
>databases of museum object records, images with associated texts, or
>bibliographic records.
>        Attend the Interoperability Training Workshop, a 2-day session in
>Washington DC, May 15-16, 1997 (tentative dates);
>        Participate in 3-4 subsequent meetings (up to 2 days each) of which
>one will be in Europe between April and October 1997;
>        Submit a simple monthly record of time and expenses;
>        Contribute a written assessment of the experience as part of the
>project documentation.
>         Participants Will Receive:
>       A stipend of $5000 as a contribution to expenses of participation
>        Access to high-level technical expertise in Z39.50;
>        CIMI developed tool-kits and utilities and program code;
>        An opportunity to help shape the way museum information will become
>easily and universally accessible.
>If this describes you, please send an expression of interest to John
>Perkins <jperkins@fox.nstn.ns.ca> or Bill Moen <wem0002@jove.acs.unt.edu>. 
>CIMI is expecting to choose up to 5 participants who will help shape the
>way museum information will become easily and universally accessible.
>In addition, we encourage you to copy and/or pass this announcement on to
>appropriate colleagues in your organization or elsewhere.
> We look forward to hearing from you by MARCH 21, 1997.
>John Perkins                    Bill Moen
>CIMI Project Director           Project Manager
>jperkins@fox.nstn.ns.ca         wem0002@jove.acs.unt.edu
>voice: 902-826-2824             voice: 817-565-3563
>fax:    902-826-1337

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