Announcing the 1996 GILS Conference

1996 GILS Conference
National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD, USA
November 13 & 14, 1996

Purpose -- The conference is intended to bring together the diverse communities 
that have an interest in the Government Information Locator Service (GILS), and 
provide a convenient forum for discussing its strengths, weaknesses, and future 
directions.  The conference will highlight various GILS applications, such as 
the U.S. Federal GILS, and the lessons learned in their development and 

Intended Audience --  Users of GILS, Intermediaries for GILS, Implementors of 
GILS Applications (whether state, local, regional, national, or international), 
Implementors of GILS Software, Information Advocacy Organizations and 
Associations, U.S. Federal government employees representing FOIA, information 
technology, library, records management, program, or public affairs offices.  
Vendors are welcome.

Agenda -- The two-day conference will examine critical issues and provide 
varying perspectives on GILS.  Keynote speeches and panel discussions will 
provide an overview of GILS status and directions, and technical and management 
sessions will provide more in-depth coverage of selected issues.  Demonstration 
booths will provide examples of GILS applications and tools. The full 
conference agenda is available on the GILS Conference website at 

Registration -- The conference is free of cost, but bring ideas to share.  
Register via the conference website listed above, or call the National Archives 
and Records Administration at 301-713-7100, ext. 255 to register by phone.   
Advance registration is required.  Detailed logistics and additional background 
information are available via the conference website.

Sponsorship -- The 1996 GILS Conference has been organized by a program 
committee reporting to the U.S. Federal GILS oversight working group, which 
supports the U.S. Federal GILS Board. The National Archives and Records 
Administration is graciously providing administrative support and hosting the 
conference.  The conference website has been provided by the Defense Technical 
Information Center.

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