meta-information objects

At 9:51 AM 6/27/96, Martijn Koster wrote:

>You can attempt to address multiple character sets and languages
>inside a meta information specification, but it's an enourmeous hassle
>which may be avoided; Simply separate the meta information from
>both HTML _and_ protocol. I think this can most easily be done by keeping
>the meta information in a URL-addressable object, and just define ways of
>associating this URL with the object in question. In HTML, you can use
>a LINK tag, in HTTP you can define a header. Providing the protocol
>supports it you can then negotiate and/or report character sets and/or
>languages. Bummer if you use "file://" of course...

This idea seems worthy of consideration.  I've tossed it out to our
engineering group.

I'm also curious to hear to hear thoughts on how this might be used for
bulk update operations, with a format along the lines of RDM.