Warwick Framework Paper is now available

The finished copy of the Warwick Workshop report:

The Warwick Framework: A Container Architecture for Aggregating Sets of 
Metadata.  Carl Lagoze, Clifford A. Lynch, Ron Daniel Jr.

is now available at:

http://cs-tr.cs.cornell.edu/~lagoze/warwick/warwick.ps (postscript format)
http://cs-tr.cs.cornell.edu/~lagoze/warwick/warwick.doc (Word 7 for Windows 

This document will be published as a Cornell Computer Science Technical 
Report within the next week.  At that time I will send a new "permanent" 
URL out via e-mail and will update the above URL's to refer to the new Tech 
Report URLs.  Pardon the inconvenience, but I wanted to get this document 
out near to when I promised it (for a variety of reasons, including my 
absence from Ithaca, the Cornell TR route can not happen immediately).

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