Separate schema name in meta link [was: Getting info out? ]

In message <199606051612.MAA02502@ws02-00.rsch.oclc.org>, Stu Weibel writes:
>The draft report for embedding metadata in HTML can be viewed at:
>    http://www.oclc.org:5046/~weibel/html-meta.html 


The only thing that bothers me about this proposal is the hack
where we glued the schema name to the link relationship with
a dot:

	<link rel=schema.foo href="...">

I'd much prefer to separate the foo into another attribute. We
discussed TITLE in the meeting:

	<link rel=schema title="foo" href="...">

but that was too cheezy. I had a thought while I was brushing
my teeth or something the other day to use name:

	<link rel=schema name=foo href="...">

but I just checked the HTML 2.0 DTD, and it's not there. What _is_
in the HTML 2.0 DTD is URN:

	<link rel=schema URN=foo href="...">

Only slightly less cheezy than title=foo.

I dunno... I gues what we've got is OK. But HTML will soon have
an ID attribute on all elements. Then we could write:

	<link rel=schema id=foo href="...">

which would be my favorite.

Another suggestion: once we've hammered out any remaining technical
ideas, beef up the spec by adding some non-trivial examples in an
appendix: use the IEEE software assets stuff. Do more than one schema
in one document. Describe something non-textual, like an image. Sort
of "show off" all the things that can be done with this simple


p.s. editorial nit: folks might be confused by the spaces in
the example markup in the spec:

	< meta name=xxx content=yyy >

It should read:

	<meta name=xxx content=yyy>