Re: Getting info out?

I'd also like to see an effort to accomodating searching a non-text 
site via META (or index file pointers etc...). It seems short
sighted to limit the scope and direction of a search standard to 
simply text. (Especially with applets, sw archives, and audio/video
servers starting to make a significant presence on the net)

-Pete Lega at c|net

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Nick Arnett wrote:

> Date: Wed, 5 Jun 1996 08:48:11 -0700
> From: Nick Arnett <narnett@Verity.COM>
> To: www-disw@w3.org
> Subject: Getting info out?
> I'm not sure who decides this... but I see a need to get the concrete
> proposals (META tag stuff, in particular) out to places such as the robots
> mailing list, where such issues are discussed.  Are we free to disseminate
> the proposal documents now, or would that be premature?
> I'd like to get our engineers to work implementing some of this stuff soon;
> there's nothing like a real implementation to iron out the bugs and get the
> standard adopted.
> Nick

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