Re: Getting info out?


>I'm not sure who decides this... but I see a need to get the concrete
>proposals (META tag stuff, in particular) out to places such as the robots
>mailing list, where such issues are discussed.  Are we free to disseminate
>the proposal documents now, or would that be premature?

I agree that time is of the essence but I'd like to suggest holding off
sending out the proposal docs until we have the whole report together.  I
want to give the session chairs a chance to look over the full report before
we disseminate it, so that we have a chance to clear up any problems and
then speak with a single unified voice, rather than sending out early
documents that might raise disputes.

We should hopefully have the report ready for the chairs next week and then
we can get it out for wider dissemination the following week.  If you'd like
it to go faster I'd be happy to get your help assembling the initial report
draft :-)

 - Mike

Received on Wednesday, 5 June 1996 12:36:37 UTC